RED’19 program

RED’19 program:

  • What is astrobiology? by M. Gargaud & H. Cottin
  • Stellar formation and nucleosynthesis by G. Meynet
  • The young solar system seen in small bodies and meteorites by J.M Trigo Rodriguez
  • Impacts and consequences for life by P. Claeys
  • Earth sciences misconceptions in origin of life by E. Javaux
  • Plate tectonics and habitability by L. Noack
  • Climate and habitability by F. Forget
  • Climate changes on Earth during the last million year by M. Sanchez & B. Malaize
  • Adaptation of life to extreme environments by D. Billi
  • Life sciences misconceptions in origin of life by P. Lopez-Garcia 
  • Studies on the orgin of life: from chemistry to biology by M. Powner
  • Humans in extreme environments by C. Verseux
  • Astrochemistry in the interstellar medium by V. Wakelam
  • Astrochemistry in the solar system by I. Loes Ten Kate
  • Detection & characterisation of exoplanets, application to TRAPPIST-1 by A. Triaud
  • Space missions: behind the scenes and making of… by M. Viso

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