Programme RED’18

Le programme RED’18 :

  • What is astrobiology? by M. Gargaud & H. Cottin
  • Solar system formation by A. Morbidelli
  • Exoplanet dynamics and formation by S. Raymond
  • Exoplanets and habitability by F. Selsis
  • Datation and Geochemistry by C. François
  • Early Earth Environment by H. Martin & C. Heubeck
  • History of the ideas on the origins of life by D. Duner
  • Origin and early evolution of life by J. Pereto
  • Life in extreme environments by C. Cockell
  • Robotics and AI by A. Laflaquière 
  • Prebiotic chemistry in the Solar System by H. Cottin
  • Life and Science in the International Space Station by ESA Astronaut (TBC)
  • Solar System Exploration by J. Vago

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