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13th European Workshop on Astrobiology (EANA 13)

Dates de l'évènement
22/07/2013 - 25/07/2013
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Faculty of Mathematics and Physics


Starting from 2001, the European Astrobiology Network Association (EANA) has organised each year in a different country associated to EANA the European Workshops on Astrobiology gathering together astrobiologists from all the world. This meeting, the 13th European Workshop on Astrobiology (EANA 13) continues this tradition, that is now arrived at its 13th edition. EANA 13, will take place in Szczecin, Poland from the 22th to the 25th of July. The organisers of EANA 13 on behalf of EANA are CASA*, the University of Szczecin and Commitee of Space Reserch PAS.

The list of main topics that will be the subject of EANA 13 is given below:

  • Astrochemistry, interstellar medium;
  • Astrophysics, protoplanetary discs and planets;
  • Planetary habitability and exploration;
  • Macromolecules and models of prebiotic molecules;
  • Origin and evolution of life, extremophiles;
  • Rocks, fossils and meteorites;
  • Space technology, medicine and industry;
  • Miscellaneous subjects in astrobiology.

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