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1st advanced school on Exoplanetary Science

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25/05/2015 - 29/05/2015
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The I Vietri Advanced School on Exoplanetary Science will be held at the International Institute for Advanced Scientific Studies (IIASS) in Vietri sul Mare (Salerno), Italy from 25 to 29 May, 2015.

The School – taking place in the enchanting Amalfi Coast – is aimed to provide a comprehensive, state-of-the-art picture of a variety of relevant aspects of the fast-developing, highly interdisciplinary field of extrasolar planets research.

The Lecture topics of the 1st year of School will be focused on exoplanet detection with the Radial Velocity, Photometric Transits, Gravitational Microlensing, and Direct Imaging techniques. The Lectures will be delivered by four senior researchers to an audience of graduate students, Ph.D. students and young post-docs.

The school format will include 7 hours of lectures for each topic and a selection of short presentations by School participants on their specific research.

Organizing committee: V. Bozza (University of Salerno), L. Mancini (Max Planck Institute for Astronomy, Heidelberg), A. Sozzetti (INAF – Astrophysical Observatory of Turin)

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