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Nom de l'évènement
45Th Meeting Of The Division For Planetary Sciences (DPS)

Dates de l'évènement
06/10/2013 - 11/10/2013
Toute la journée

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Sheraton Denver Downtown Hotel


10 Reasons to Attend the 45th Meeting of DPS in Denver, Colorado!

  1. Hear the latest science from planetary missions including MESSENGER at Mercury, Cassini at Saturn, Curiosity at and Kepler
  2. Present your latest and greatest research results in planetary science
  3. Meet colleagues and discuss planetary science (and go on, admit it–gossip)
  4. See the latest widgets and wonders on display from the space industry in the Exhibit Hall
  5. Participate in workshops on future missions, grant writing, career development, and collaborations with amateur astronomers
  6. Participate in education and public outreach activities, including a live event during the Juno flyby of Earth
  7. Visit the Denver Museum of Nature and Science to experience their Space Odyssey
  8. See a Special exhibition of space art and enjoy an evening with artists in the Denver gallery district
  9. Explore the Rocky Mountains: hike, bike, or see the elk bugling in the rugged hills to the west of town
  10. Drink craft beer brewed in Colorado’s 187 breweries

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