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Nom de l'évènement
5th International Geologica Belgica Congress

Dates de l'évènement
26/01/2016 - 29/01/2016
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University Of Mons, Faculty of Engineering


The ‘Geologica Belgica 2016' international congress is organized under the general theme “Mother Earth”.

A wide range of Earth Science disciplines will be covered during the congress, including, but not restricted to paleoclimatology, geoenergy & reservoirs, hydrogeology, geomaterials and ore geology, geoenvironment, geohazards, deep geological processes, stratigraphy and sedimentary geology, early and past life, plate tectonics and structural geology, geoheritage, geoeducation and geoarcheology. As the main theme of the congress is « Mother Earth », we will try to put emphasis on topics related to environment, resources and past life.

A geological field trip and visit will also be organized to the underground mines of ‘La Malogne' in Cuesmes.

Finally, several scientific events will also be organized at the occasion the congress:

  • the ceremony of the André Dumont medal award 2016
  • the ceremony of the Vandenbroeck medal award 2016
  • the Geologica Belgica members General Assembly 2016



For more information: https://sites.google.com/site/5thgbmeeting/welcome

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