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Biomineralization short Course

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01/12/2014 - 05/12/2014
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Campus des Corderliers, UPMC


We invite you to register to the Biomineralization short course which will take place in Paris, December 1-5. Visit the webpage: http://www.matisse-event.upmc.fr

Biomineralization refers to the processes by which organisms form minerals. It is a fast growing scientific field encompassing an interdisciplinary community including physicists, chemists, biologists, earth scientists, archaeologists and medical scientists. Although these different scientific communities have common interests in the objects and the processes they study, they sometimes have different languages, concepts or methods, which can be a barrier. The aim of this course is to provide multidisciplinary lectures and talks by international experts and gather a multidisciplinary audience to breach the gap between the different fields of the biomineralization community.

The target audience are PhD students, postdocs and confirmed scientists interested in the topic of Biomineralization. The course, organized by the Labex Matisse and the CNRS will be held at the “Campus des Cordeliers” in the center of Paris, the first week of December (Monday, December 1. to Friday, December 5.). Participants will be asked to give short talks or posters.

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