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EPSC 2015

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27/09/2015 - 02/10/2015
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The intention of the European Planetary Science Congress 2015 is to cover a broad area of science topics related to planetary science and planetary missions. The programme of the congress will contain oral and poster sessions, and it will emphasize workshops and panel discussions in order to have a strong interaction between the participants.

The Scientific Organizing Committee of the EPSC2015 invites all planetary scientists to participate in the congress, submit contributions to the topical sessions and share their research with colleagues and friends. We are looking forward to welcome you in Nantes, France!

Concernant l’ voir plus particulièrement les sessions suivantes :

* The importance of organic matter evolution from the Interstellar medium to planetary systems (AB4)

In this interdisciplinary session, astro/cosmo/geo-chemists, together with chemists and physicists will present their latest research on the chemical evolution of organic matter in various environments and its relationship to Astrobiology.

* Organic molecules in the Solar System and beyond (AB3)

The aim of this session is to give an overview of our current knowledge on the organic molecules in the solar system and beyond (exoplanets). Recent observations done by space exploration probes (Rosetta, Curiosity, Cassini-Huygens…), telescopes, numerical and laboratory simulations and the analysis of extraterrestrial samples on Earth, enable us to investigate the nature of organic materials in space environments, their prebiotic relevance and their possible role in the emergence of life.
We invite contributions relevant to this topic, such as results on the distribution, nature and complexity of organic compounds in the solar system, evolutionary processes and transport of organic matter within planetary systems, bio-signatures and chirality of organic molecules present in extraterrestrial samples.

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