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Summer school “Impacts and their Role in the Evolution of Life

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25/07/2017 - 03/08/2017
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Saaremaa Island


Summer school “Impacts and their Role in the Evolution of Life” 
Saaremaa,Estonia, 25 July – 3 August 2017


The course “Impacts and their Role in the Evolution of Life” will take place from 25 July to 3 August 2017 at Kuressaare and the Kaali impact crater site on the island of Saaremaa, Estonia. It aims to give students a thorough introduction in the role of meteorite and comets impacts in the formation of Earth, its atmosphere and the evolution of life. The course consists of lectures, pratical exercises and student-led discussions. Participants will also have the possibility to display their own research results in two poster sessions.The Stockholm University Astrobiology Centre, the University of Tartu, the European Astrobiology Campus, and the Nordic Network of Astrobiology will function as co-organisers of the course and the following subjects will be covered by the lectures:

  • Roles of impacts in the formation of habitable planets
  • Physical and chemical properties of comets and meteorites
  • Detection and investigation of impact craters by geological methods and remote sensing from space
  • Ecological consequences of impacts and the role of impacts in mass extinctions
  • Transfer of life through meteorite impacts
  • Threat of life on our planet by near-Earth asteroids and comets

The lecture programme will be complemented by practical exercises concerning:

  • Electromagnetic mapping of impact sites
  • Analysis of pollen indicators of theKaali impact event.
  • Microscopy of impactites
  • Georadar profiling atKaali

Bursaries covering meals and accommodation are available for a number of students from most European Countries. Applicatio deadline is30 April 2014. The website:



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