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Workshop Planet IV

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20/10/2013 - 25/10/2013
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Centre de physique CNRS


In the last few years, our understanding of  state and evolution has been greatly improved by the observations made by missions such as the ESA mission Mars Express or the NASA missions Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter, the Mars Exploration Rovers and Phoenix. Models describing the atmospheric dynamics are now constrained by long term monitoring of the characteristics of the Martian atmosphere. High resolution images and infrared spectroscopic data lead to geomorphologic models of the Martian surface that enable us to test models of its evolution, and to revisit the Martian history. After the successful landing of  Mars Science Laboratory/Curiosity in August 2012, new data on the detailed composition of key geological structures are being acquired. MAVEN is due to be launched in November 2013, with the goal of deciphering the atmospheric escape and its role on the climate. The selection of the InSight mission promises the acquisition of unique geophysical measurements, including seismic observations, that will improve our understanding of Mars’ interior structure and dynamics. The ExoMars mission, led by ESA and Russia, includes an orbiter for atmospheric studies to be launched in 2016 and a rover, dedicated to exobiology analyses, to be launched in 2018. Finally, a MSL-2020 mission is in preparation on the NASA side.

The school « Planet IV », as its previous three editions, will address all fields of investigations of the red planet, and discuss the prospects for the next steps of its exploration.

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