RED’16 Program

RED’16 program:

  • What is astrobiology? by M. Gargaud et H. Cottin – France
  • Nucleosynthesis, Star formation and evolution by C. Georgy – Switzerland
  • Formation and evolution of planets by T.Spohn – Germany
  • Early Earth by H. Martin / F. Albarède – France
  • Interstellar chemistry by W. Geppert – Sweden
  • Prebiotic chemistry/Early life by A. Pross – Israël
  • Prebiotic chemistry in the Solar System by H. Cottin – France
  • Early Traces of Life by F. Westall – France
  • Diversity and Limits of Life by P. Lopez-Garcia – France
  • Solar System Exploration by O. Witasse – France
  • Exoplanets and Habitability by F. Selsis – France

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