RED’23 program

RED’23 program :

  • What is Astrobiology? by M. Gargaud, V. Vinogradoff & H. Cottin
  • From Clouds to the Sun: the First 10 Million Years by A. Crida
  • Solar System Formation by A. Crida
  • Primitive Earth Environment by I. Daniel
  • What makes an environment habitable? by C. Mustin
  • Habitability of the Earth by I. Daniel
  • Habitability of Mars by N. Mangold
  • Habitability of exoplanets by M. Turbet
  • Organic chemistry in the Solar System by C. Walsh
  • Prebiotic Chemistry by D. Russell
  • Science vs Science Fiction in Astrobiology by N. Vas-Deyres & F. Selsis
  • Challenges in life detection by S. McMahon
  • The tree of life by C. Brochier
  • Prebiotic chemistry at hydrothermal vents by S. Marre
  • Communication in science by L. Honnorat