Programme RED’21

Le programme RED’21 :

  • Solar system formation by S. Raymond
  • Exoplanet formation & dynamics by S. Raymond
  • Decoding lights from exotic worlds by J. Leconte
  • Exoplanets & habitability by E. Bolmont
  • Early Earth and early life co-evolution by S. Lalonde & J. Marin-Carbonne
  • History, theory and misconceptions in evolution by E. Douzery
  • Are fossils the witnesses of evolution? by JS. Steyer
  • Prebiotic chemistry in the Solar System by H. Cottin
  • From chemistry to biology by K. Muchowska
  • Artificial life and artificial intelligence by H. Bersini
  • Ethical issues in Astrobiology by J. Arnoult
  • The tree of life by L. Eme
  • Life in extreme environments by K. Olsson-Francis
  • Solar System exploration by J.P. Bibring

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