Programme RED’22

Le programme RED’22 :

  • What is Astrobiology? by M. Gargaud & H. Cottin
  • Nucleosynthesis across cosmic time in the Universe by C. Charbonnel
  • Meteorites by B. Zanda
  • Impacts and their consequences for life by A. Losiak
  • Datation & Radiochronology by M. Boyet
  • Continental growth during the first billion years of the Earth history by E. Slaby
  • Space missions for Detection & characterisation of exoplanets by Q. Changeat
  • Icy moons surface and depths: more than meet the eyes by Christophe Sotin
  • The role of Astrochemistry in Astrobiology by N. Mason
  • The first steps of life from a chemical perspective by R. Pascal
  • Classification in science by G. Lecointre
  • The concept of evolution by G. Lecointre
  • Exploring life in extreme environments: deep-sea hydrothermal vents by Anaïs Cario
  • On the origins of life: exploring the systems bridge from chemistry to biology by Kepa Ruiz-Mirazo
  • Philosophical aspects of astrobiology by E. Persson
  • Contingency and origin of life by S. Tirard

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